I teach privately in the studio at my place. Obviously my trumpet method Less is More forms the basis for the tuition given but also Multi Media are involved as well as actual playing situations and my own experiences. I teach all levels from beginners to advanced students, be it commercial or classical and all from the basic techniques of playing the trumpet.


Trumpet lessons via Skype and FaceTime


From today there is the opportunity to take trumpet lessons via skype and facetime. Of course, this applies foreign trumpeters, but also Dutch and Belgians living too far away, can make use of this. You can make an appointment via the contact form.




Get acquainted with the most beautiful instrument in the world: the Trumpet! In half an hour lessons we will set out to discover the instrument and music in general in a playfull manner. Nothing can be more fun than to play songs on the instrument of your choice: that is our main goal! To accomplish this, we will travel through a variety of basic techniques as stance, breathing, ear training, motor skills and reading, in order to play that song with the accompaniment of a CD.


Advanced students


This is a wide category with several stages of development. You are a advanced student if you’re not any longer a beginner but (still) no professional. In one hour lessons we try to touch all bases involving the mastery of the instrument. It could be considered as motivational training that mainly concentrates on raising the level of playing. It encompasses sound, technique, reading, high/low register playing, breathing and/or a combination of all these facets. Front and center in all this remains the personality of the student.