A specific course of basic techniques can be a valuable addition to the regular curriculum. In the day-to day trumpet tuition on conservatories, music schools etc. specific subjects (i.e. Breathing) may tend to remain unattended by lack of time. In a Masterclass special attention to these important facets of trumpet playing may prove to be a worthwhile asset to the general tuition. .


Following the principles as laid down in my trumpet method Less is More, the basic techniques of playing the trumpet will be explained with the aid of a PowerPoint presentation. Subjects are:


  • Breath Support
  • Stance
  • Embouchure
  • Tongue
  • Articulation


Interaction with the participants of this Masterclass is of considerable importance which ensures individual attentention. The Masterclass is an ideal tool for Conservatory students but also could be advantageous for Music Schools etc.